Call An Exterior Painting Contractor Before The Old Paint Peels Off And Becomes An Eyesore

If the paint on your home is starting to fail, it's time to get a new paint job. When the paint is peeling on your home or has cracks, it makes your home look neglected. Plus, the more damage the paint has, the more work it takes to remove the old paint and get your home ready for a new paint job. An exterior painting contractor has to remove all the peeling paint first so your home has a smooth finish. Here's what you might expect with an exterior painting project.

Have A Paint Selection Consultation

You might not need a consultation if you already know the color of paint you want. However, having a consultation gives you the chance to try different colors and narrow down the brand of paint you'll buy. Professional painters usually have a few brands of high-quality paint they use so the old color is covered thoroughly and the paint lasts a long time.

Do The Prep Work

Paint that's adhered well and in good shape can be painted over. Paint that has bubbles and cracks has to be removed. Peeling paint needs to go, too, or it will just show through the new paint and cause it to fail quicker than it should. This process involves scraping and sanding so the surface is flat and smooth and ready for new paint.

If your paint is in bad shape, removing the paint could take a long time. That's why it's better to have exterior painting done sooner rather than wait until there's a lot of damage. Once all the bad paint is removed, the exterior painting contractor needs to wash your house.

Pressure washing gets rid of dirt and stains, but tough stains may need stain removers and extra scrubbing to eliminate them. Your entire house needs to be washed so all pollen, dirt, algae, bird droppings, and other stains are gone so the paint and primer adhere well. Primer is usually applied on the clean siding so the paint will go on better.

Paint Your House

The painting contractors may apply tape to windows and other areas that need clean lines. This is usually an important step when applying paint with a sprayer since the paint can't be controlled as well as when it's applied with a brush. The exterior painting crew may use different methods for putting on the paint. They will use brushes, rollers, and a sprayer when appropriate. The actual painting process is probably the quickest and easiest step to complete. The contractor may apply two coats for the best coverage and best results.

Reach out to exterior painting services near you to learn more.