How To Paint Edges Like A Professional

The edges of the room where one paint color meets another can be tricky. It can be tricky because you want a nice straight line, but the problem is that your walls may not be all that straight. You may also have a problem with your hand not being as steady as you would like, resulting in a crooked line in your paint and something that doesn't look like a professional paint job. To help give you a more professional look to the edges of your paint, there may be things you can do yourself. If you aren't up to the task, hire a professional instead to do it all for you. Read on for helpful tips that may help you if you are up for the job.

Use Painter's Tape

Painter's tape can help to give you the straight edge you want, and you can control where to put the tape so that you have a straight and even line, even if your walls are uneven or aren't level. You can apply the tape so that it is more appealing to the eye by tricking the mind into thinking the wall is even and level. Painter's tape can be used anywhere that you do not want to get paint. The tape allows you to make a mess of the tape but will not allow the paint to seep through to your walls. It may take extra time, but it can help give your paint job a more professional look.

Use An Edging Tool

If you aren't that great of a painter to begin with, using a paintbrush to get your straight lines may not work out as easily as you think. You can use an edging tool instead to help give you a straighter edge for you. Dip the pad into the paint, making sure not to get it onto the rollers or on the tool itself, then apply the paint to your walls in an even stroke for a nice straight line no matter where on your walls you are trying to achieve that look.

If you are trying to paint an edge, or looking for a straight line without bleed-through, which can make your paint job appear unsightly, there may be tools and tricks you can use to achieve a more professional look. If you just cannot get it to look the way you want it, you can hire a professional painter to do this work for you instead.

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