Bring Your Home Together With A Whole House Color Palette

Should you develop a whole house color palette? This modern interior design trend helps harmonize the home, make it interesting, and raise its value. But what is a whole house palette? Why might you employ it? And how? Here's what every homeowner needs to know.   

What Is a Whole House Palette? 

Simply put, the whole house color palette is a limited combination of color choices used throughout the house. It often consists of between three and five base colors. These include a white or very light neutral, a mid-range complementary color, and a bolder accent choice. Add a few more colors to allow private rooms more individuality. 

Isn't a Whole House Palette Boring?

This limit on colors may sound boring and repetitive. However, there are many tricks to keep it fresh even within a set of boundaries. Employ the colors in different shades, hues, and combinations. The living room, for instance, might feature pale blue walls with white trim while the nearby dining room uses a lighter wall color with darker blue trim. This varies both where colors are used and the specific tones of each. 

You can mix things up with different textures and patterns, both on walls and in other decorative accents (such as rugs, pillows, artwork, upholstery, and hardware). Accent walls and features, such as a brighter rose wall in the above living room, also add visual interest that draws attention away from the similarities and instead to the unique focal point of that room. 

Why Use a Whole House Palette?

Painting your entire home is a big job, and finding a color scheme that fits the whole house is an even bigger one. So why go to the trouble? For most homeowners, the sense of harmony and coordination brought by a complementary color palette elevates the home's decor and style. It looks well-planned and finished. It's also unconsciously soothing. No one enters a room and finds the transition jarring. 

Even if you're not planning to stay in the house, a whole home palette is a smart move. Because many people put on a fresh coat of paint before selling, this is an excellent opportunity to make your house look its best. The whole house's color schemes look modern and fresh. It could put your property over the top of less organized competition. 

Where Should You Start?

Ready to try a whole house color palette in your own home? Begin by meeting with an experienced residential interior painting service in your area today. With their skill and your vision, your home will soon be a relaxing and refreshing place to come back to every day. 

Speak to a service provider to learn more about home interior painting.