Brick Surfaces Inside Of Your Home To Paint

When a lot of people think about hiring a painting contractor to complete a painting job inside of their home, they imagine the painter working on standard drywall-covered walls. While the majority of residential painting fits this description, there are other projects that you might want this contractor to handle for you. If there's a brick surface in your home, painting it can give it a fresh, clean look that may even help to modernize the room. Consider what brick surfaces you might wish to change, and then contact a local interior painter to discuss your ideas. Here are three surfaces to paint. 

Brick Pillar

Many homes have one or more brick pillars inside of their homes. Generally, the bricks are placed around a structural beam to give it a stylish look, but you might find that the red or gray color of the brick is no longer a good visual fit with how you want your home to look. Instead of going through a significant remodeling project to remove the brick, it's far easier to have someone paint this structure for you. There are all sorts of light and dark colors that can work well for a brick pillar, so consider the overall look of the room and then choose your color accordingly.


If your home has a fireplace, there's a good chance that much of this area is covered in bricks. This can be another good surface to have someone paint for you. If you find that a red brick fireplace looks a little old-fashioned and you're keen to have this part of your home feel more modern — even if you don't actually use the fireplace — you can choose a sleek color such as matte gray, or perhaps go with something bolder such as blue.

Basement Walls

In older homes, it's common to find brick walls in the basement. Some of these walls have drywall over them, while others have the brick visible. The brick adds character to the basement, but you might be interested in changing its appearance — particularly if you've lived in the home for a while and are revamping the look of the basement. This is a good time to hire a contractor to paint the brick walls. A light color, such as light gray, can work well in the basement, as lighter shades tend to look spacious.

Contact a painting contractor to discuss these ideas and learn more.