How to Choose The Perfect Paint Color for Your Office's Waiting Room

Whether you're a business professional, a lawyer, a doctor, or a dentist, having a waiting room for your customers or patients to sit in while they wait for you is a must. Not only will it give you time to prepare to see them, but it will also help create a more professional office ambiance overall. No matter what size of budget you are working with, there's one thing that will make a big impact: your paint color. So, how can you choose the perfect paint color for your office's waiting room? Think of the vibe that you want. 

1. Upbeat

If you have a waiting room somewhere like a pediatric office, then you will want to create a waiting room that's upbeat and exciting. Some paint colors that you may want to consider choosing from are light lime green, a turquoise color, or even a fun bubble gum pink. When people are sitting in your waiting groom surrounded by these colors, they are more likely to feel upbeat and energized. 

2. Calming

If you want your customers, clients, or patients to feel calm when they are waiting in your waiting room, then consider a light paint color like a nice white or off-white. The lack of flashy or bright colors can help everyone feel a little bit more relaxed while they are waiting to be treated by you. 

3. Professional

If you work in a professional atmosphere like a law firm or business setting, then you may want to create a professional ambiance for your clients. When you are thinking of a professional waiting room, consider choosing a paint color that's sophisticated like a light gray, dark gray, or even a greige (a grey and beige combination). 

Another thing to consider when you are painting your waiting room is the type of paint you want on the ceiling and the baseboards. Typically, commercial painters will recommend that you pair or match the colors that are already on the walls. This choice can help break everything up and make it look a little bit more sophisticated. 

To make sure that your walls get the professional paint job that they deserve, reach out to a commercial painting company near you and ask them for a bid on the overall cost of the service and the paint. If you're unsure of the vibe you want to convey, they can help you figure out something consistent with your brand.