3 Things To Do When Hiring Someone To Paint Your Apartment Buildings

Having your apartment buildings painted will give them new life and help attract new tenants as time goes on. Here are a few things you should do when hiring someone to do the painting for you:

Make a Basic Paint Plan

It's a good idea to sit down and make a basic plan of how you'd like to see your upcoming paint project play out. Making a basic paint plan before meeting with your commercial painting provider will help ensure that they understand your needs and expectations. This will allow them to design a service plan for you that won't disappoint when all is said and done.

If you want all your buildings painted at the same time, specify so in your plans. Address how painters should deal with resident traffic and request specific work hours that will allow the paint work to take place when your apartment community is least active – maybe even in the middle of the night. Give your service provider a copy of your basic plans so they can use the plans as a guide to serve you.

Have Your Buildings Inspected

Consider having your apartment buildings inspected before they get painted to ensure that there are no underlying problems that need to be addressed. If the framing or foundation is rotting, it should be repaired before a new coat of paint goes on. Otherwise, you will likely end up having to deal with serious problems later down the line.

It would be more costly to wait and make major repairs later than to have smaller issues addressed now. And if you do end up having to rip into an apartment building to make repairs later, you will have to have the building repainted all over again.

The commercial painting company you decide to work with may be able to do the inspection for you. If not, ask them to refer you to a licensed professional who can. Your county building department should be able to recommend reliable service options as well.

Schedule Some Maintenance Appointments

It's also a good idea to schedule some maintenance appointments with your painting provider when they show up to paint your apartment buildings. During each maintenance appointment, your service provider will inspect your apartment community and do touch ups where necessary.

They'll also treat any areas that look like they are starting to succumb to the outdoor elements, so the paint lasts longer. Scheduling maintenance appointments ahead of time will help ensure that you don't put maintenance on the back burner.

If it's time to paint your apartment complex, take time to search for commercial painters in your area.