Choosing an Interior Paint Color? 3 Tips to Get the Color Just Right

Painting is one of the cheapest ways to update your home. It gives the room an instant face-lift and can make your home feel clean and bright in no time at all. Painting may not come quite so easily to some as it does for others. Some people change the paint in their rooms often, while others may paint once and never do this job again as long as they are a homeowner.

If you are considering painting your home, you may be torn on what color you should choose, which may be why some people don't paint very often. To help you get the color you want just right, read on for tips to get what you're looking for.

1. Consider the Size of Your Space

If you are painting a smaller room, you may want to consider lighter colors to help keep the room feeling open and airy. If the room is larger, you may want to consider a darker color to give it a less spacious and more cozy feel. The color you paint your room, depending on the size can make it feel closed in or open. This is especially true if your space doesn't have a lot of natural light. A room without windows, or one that has a very small window, such as a bathroom, should be painted a lighter color so it doesn't feel too closed in.

2. Consider the Feel or Mood You Want the Space to Have

You may want a darker color in a room to give it a warm feeling, such as a bedroom. Brighter colors can make you feel cheery, which may go well in a kitchen. What color and tone you use in a room can give you a different feeling. When choosing the color for a room, think about how you want to feel while in that room. If it's a living room or den, would you rather it feel cozy and warm, or cool and open?

3. Consider Your Decor Taste

When choosing a color, you may want to choose something a little more neutral in areas you frequent most. These are most likely areas that you decorate differently more often, and thus will change your decorative taste most often. If this is the case, you should consider painting a more neutral color, as you won't have to change your paint color when you change your decor. Neutrals can give you warm or cool feeling as well, depending on their tone.

If you are planning on painting a room in your home, but you can't decide what color to choose, consider hiring home painting contractors for help.