Considering An Epoxy Flooring For Your Business? Ask Yourself These Questions

Have you considered renovating your business space by installing an epoxy floor coating? If so, ask yourself these questions to determine if it is right for you. 

Are You Limited To When You Can Install The Epoxy Coating?

If you own a business that is open 5 days a week, you may be wondering what kind of downtime you can expect to install an epoxy floor coating. The material will take a day or two to completely dry and be ready to walk on, which makes it the perfect job to be done over the weekend. Employees and customers will come in on Monday to see your new floor coating that is ready to use. 

Do You Want Flooring That Is Easy To Clean?

One of the biggest benefits of using an epoxy floor coating is that the floors will be very easy to clean after the coating is applied. The epoxy coating forms a seal that will prevent liquids from getting through. This means that you'll easily be able to clean up spills with water and won't have to worry about water damage to the surface underneath the coating. The watertight surface also makes it easy to keep the space hygiene since you can wash the surface by mopping it. 

Are You Okay With Noisy Floors?

Many business owners are focused on the look of epoxy flooring rather than how it is used in a practical sense. Be aware that epoxy flooring is going to be noisier than other flooring materials. The footsteps tend to reverberate, which may be disruptive to your office environment. If you are okay with the noise, then epoxy flooring should be fine for your business. If not, you may need a flexible polyurethane floor coating that will make footsteps softer.

Do You Have Radiant Heat In Your Building? 

Another potential issue with epoxy flooring is that it can cause the floors to be cold. While this typically is not a problem, since many people do not walk barefoot in a commercial space, it is not an issue at all if you have radiant in-floor heat in your office space. Since the heat radiates up from the floor with electrical cables or hot water pipes, the floor will naturally be warm and make the temperature of the floor irrelevant. 

Reach out to a commercial epoxy flooring company for more information on installing an epoxy floor coating at your business.