Tips To Update Your Home Exterior With A New Coat Of Paint

Your home exterior takes a lot of wear and tear from constant weather forces, and if its exterior surface is painted, over time it will be in need of a new layer of paint. To make your home's new paint job look nice, you should make sure it is completed properly and professionally. Here are some tips to help you get the exterior of your home painted and looking great again.

Prepare the Exterior

Whether you are hiring a professional paint crew to do the exterior painting, or you are doing the work yourself, preparing the work surface for new paint is essential. Otherwise, your paint will not stick properly to your home exterior and it will begin to peel and flake off, leaving your home exterior looking just as bad as it did before you painted its surface.

Remove any peeling and flaking paint with a sanding block or sandpaper. Make sure you sand the areas smoothly, otherwise the old paint layers will show through your new layer with uneven edges. Afterward, you will want to clean off the surface of your home with a pressure washer to remove dust and debris, such as bird droppings and dead insects. If you are hiring a professional painting crew, they will likely handle this for you but make sure it is included in your estimate. 

Follow Recommended Rules

If you choose to paint your home exterior, make sure the conditions are right for the project. You cannot apply paint onto your home in cold weather or extreme heat. Check the type of paint you are using, whether it is latex or oil-based to find out the temperature range in which you should paint it onto the outside of your home. For example, some paint needs to be applied in temperatures between 50 degrees F and 85 degrees F.

Watch the weather conditions before you plan to pay to make sure the weather will be dry and not rain for a few days for the application and its drying time. Oil paint needs several hours to dry fully, and latex needs several days to cure. If you paint and then there is a wind storm, for example, your new paint will likely get dirt and debris stuck into its surface.

Hire a Professional Team

Sometimes you know that to do a great job on your home's exterior paint, it is best to hire a professional who does it all the time. A professional has the right equipment to make the job easy and the process safe, especially if your home is more than one story tall. A professional crew will prepare and mask areas that don't need painting, will cut in around corners and edges, and cover surfaces below to prevent drips onto vegetation and pavement.