Tips To Help You Choose Exterior Paint Colors

Choosing an exterior paint palette can be a daunting task. You want to choose colors that display your home's unique character while still being true to the neighborhood. Additionally, you have the issue of paint looking different on chips than it does on a whole house. Nonetheless, you know a fresh coat of paint is going to liven up your house's façade.

Keep reading for some tips to help you choose exterior paint colors.

Start with Your Home's and Neighborhood's Style

Certain styles of homes lend themselves to color schemes. For instance, a Georgian home looks good with white walls and black or red shutters. The varied color schemes of Victorian homes are also well-noted. Take a look around your neighborhood, too, for types of color schemes. You're not beholden to these traditions, but they represent a good starting point.

Look for Color Schemes You Like

While you're walking around the neighborhood in observation anyway, take note of any color schemes that appeal to you. If feasible, snap a photo. Even if an element is out of place — say you don't like the door color — you'll still get useful information about your preferences. Likewise, look to internet searches for inspiration. You might find your whole color scheme this way.

Observe Nature for Inspiration

Nature-based color schemes are typically attractive. So, look around your house for inspiration. If you have a lot of trees and landscaping, an earthy palette may be ideal. You'll probably use shades of green and brown in your palette. Conversely, if you have more of a rocky landscape around your house, you may lean toward gray, putty, and terra cotta shades.

Stay True to Existing House Elements

Similarly, even if you're having a whole-house paint job done, certain elements are going to remain. Your roof won't change. Most likely other elements, such as brick or stone siding, will stay the same. You may even keep your door color. Remember that house that featured an element you didn't like? Make sure your proposed colors complement the existing elements, and you won't be in that boat.

Focus on the Trim Color

Unless you go wild, your wall colors will probably work out fine. A shade in the wrong direction won't make or break the façade. According to Forbes, the trim color will make or break the look. As the site points out, dark trim can result in a framing look, while a monochromatic scheme hides the trim. The suggestion is to always choose trim that's lighter than the wall color.

Call your exterior painting contractor once you've narrowed down your color palette. Go online to sites like to look for a contractor.