Are You Arranging For Exterior House Painting Services? 4 Tips To Pick The Right Color Scheme

A fresh coat of paint on the exterior of your house gives it an updated look. Exterior house paint also serves the important purpose of protecting the underlying materials from damage, which means that a new paint job could prevent more costly maintenance and repair work in the future. While professional exterior house painting services makes fixing up the outside of your house easy, you may still be unsure of how to work with them to select the right color scheme to increase the curb appeal. These four tips will help you find the right colors that will make you love pulling up to your freshly painted home.

Understand How Light and Dark Colors Work

The paint colors that you choose can accentuate features on your house that you are proud of while also serving to camouflage those that you don't like so much. As a general rule, light colors highlight and make features seem more noticeable. Dark colors make things fade into the background. Let your professional painters know if there are areas that you would rather not notice first thing. For instance, you might prefer for them to use a slightly darker shade to disguise the side door on the garage.

Keep the Effects of the Sun in Mind

Your home's exterior paint job can also look different depending upon the time of the day. Try to look at your house in the morning, afternoon and evening to see how the shadows play upon the exterior walls. Something as simple as a tree shadow floating across the front of your house may cause the paint to look differently.

Consider the Unchangeable Colors on Your House

Your exterior house painting project will also look better when you work with the painters to select colors that match the rest of your house. For instance, you may prefer to leave the brickwork unpainted, which means that you need to choose colors that work well with those colors. The gutter system, concrete porch and fireplace are a few more features that might have materials that need to match the exterior paint.

Check Out the Rest of the Neighborhood

Making sure that your home's new paint blends well with the rest of the neighborhood helps to preserve your property's value. Plus, you will feel good stepping out of your house to say hello to the neighbors when you know it is complementary. You will also want to make sure that your home's paint colors matches what is deemed acceptable by your neighborhood's covenants if you live in a community that is protected by an HOA or other entity. While you want your house to stand out, choosing colors that blend in a little with the other houses helps your home look classy.